WWE Wins Prestigious Award, Hulu Plus Slams Netflix Over WWE Deal, More Details on Segments Being Cut at RAW Last Night

– WWE.com won a 2012 OMMA Award (Online Marketing, Media, and Advertising) for Web Excellence in the TV Entertainment category. The WWE website was recognized for its new design and the quality of its content.

– The Motley Fool is featuring an article looking at WWE’s new relationship with Hulu Plus, and how the deal represents a huge missed opportunity for Netflix. Author Chad Henage writes:

“I understand that NBCUniversal backs both Hulu and USA Network (which carries WWE RAW). But I honestly can’t believe that Netflix couldn’t find a way to make this deal. An expanded relationship with WWE would’ve been a perfect fit considering that these episodes run year-round, and are televised every Monday and Friday … There is no way to refer to this as anything other than a huge loss for Netflix.”

– The opening segment of Monday’s RAW went much longer than it was scripted to go, which led to the whole show being rushed. There were segments cut, the Brodus Clay vs. Antonio Cesaro match and the main event were both shortened and the Jim Ross-CM Punk segment did not begin until around 10:15, when it was supposed to open hour 3.

Source: PWInsider