WWE Worried About CM Punk Chants At RAW?, Punk Replaced On WWE App

Posted by Matt Boone February 3, 2014 11 Comments

- According to reports, WWE is well aware that there may be an issue with CM Punk chants at tonight’s RAW. The general impression within WWE is that although it’s a possibility for tonight, they don’t expect it to become a real issue until they move into the Northeast, and Chicago in particular. The company apparently feels as though Omaha, the site of tonight’s RAW, is not a “hotbed of internet fans.”

– Speaking of Punk, WWE has replaced him on the RAW banner of the WWE App with John Cena. Punk’s girlfriend, AJ Lee, remains on the SmackDown banner of the App.

(Credit: PWInsider.com)

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    • Undertaker316

      that omaha crowd better not disappoint us

    • Spencer Elliott

      I didn’t realise that AJ Lee was his legit girlfriend. Expect her to be buried soon, then.

    • Maxine Aland

      If I were there I would scream out CM PUNK every time a wrestler came out, and continueously HOLLER CM PUNK , CM PUNK, CM PUNK !!!!!!!!!!!

      • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

        im tellin u its all a work. he will b back b4 mania

        • Cena101

          No he really just walked out of the building because batista got the mania match

          • https://soundcloud.com/will-teel Will $teel

            thats exactly what “they” want u 2 believe. My bet is he will interfere “unexpectedly” during the raw in chicago. If not then, it will def b b4 mania

    • Punk is Omaha

      A minute into RAW this is already a joke haha

      • booo

        to bad they stop

    • Matt Rayfield

      Nope they did not, I heard the We Want Punk Chant. So you can rest easy Undertaker316.

    • p.p johny

      P.p. Johnny says he’s at the Omaha show and we suck

    • kongg

      Fans had their moment but ya it’ll be better once in Chicago I’m just hoping this lasts till then

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