WWE Wrestlers’ Weights, Batista A Douchebag?, & More

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

— Humor blog DBagging.com has labeled former WWE champ Batista a “douchebag.”. They write: “WWE wrestler Dave Batista has solidified his dbagging status with a belly button tattoo (among his generic tribal tattoos) and a pink popped collar. A dbagging stamp of disapproval also goes to the guy who actually allowed Batista to wear that pink shirt on national TV.” You can check it out, along with the accompanying pictures, here.

— Vince McMahon recently made the decision to announce the real weights of WWE wrestlers instead of worked weights.

— WWE developmental wrestler Richie Steamboat and his girlfriend welcomed a 7 pound, 3 ounce baby boy this past week, making Hall of Famer Ricky Steamboat a grandfather. The child was named Richard Blood IV.

— Kevin Von Erich’s daughter Kriston Adkisson Nikolas has shot down the reports of a book based on the Von Erich family. A Twitter account claiming to be Kevin Von Erich is a fake.

— Ivan Putski and Chavo Guerrero said at the Legends of the Ring convention today that they are both working on books about their careers.