WWE Writer Doubts The Undertaker Could Get Over If He Were A Rookie Today

Posted by Brad Davis November 26, 2013 4 Comments

Former WWE writer Scott Keith has updated his blog at RSPWFAQ.net and answered an interesting question about whether today’s current legends would be able to become top stars if they were just entering the business in 2013. As much as WWE has done to develop talent through the NXT and the new Performance Center, Keith’s answer exposes the huge flaws that still exist in the process. He was asked:

Given today’s environment in WWE’s creative and corporate structure, do you think many of today’s legends would even make it to the top if starting today? How many would be buried for trying to get themselves over or having more fan support than they should have? Do you think any would still get over regardless, such as The Rock?

Basically, how do you think many of wrestling’s (or at least WWE’s) legends would be treated today if they were just starting? I shudder to think of how, say, The Undertaker would handle starting today.

Keith replied:

“The ropewalk spot wouldn’t be approved in developmental, he’d get shit for not having a good body, they’d make him do goofy promos because he couldn’t talk without a manager and they’d want to rib him, and then he’d get saddled with a Rhinestone Cowboy gimmick because he’s from Texas and acts like a tough guy. Think I’m close there?”

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    • rog

      And that shows how shitty the mentality is with writers and officials at WWE these days!!!!

      • Guest

        No not really the one thing fans and commentators have to understand about the creative process is you never know what they’ll do when it comes to the writing process and the talents. Sometimes they’ll do something good like Punk’s 2011 run and do something bad like what their doing with Ryback and AJ.

        • Ronald J Riffle

          Punk was Punk before wwe.

    • Z-Pack

      Well, it’s not 1990 anymore. With every fan being jaded and pretentious it shouldn’t be a shock that some people involved with the business are as well. Regardless, I have been a fan since the beginning and it’s a cool gimmick. Maybe it’s remarks like this that show that you are no longer employed by WWE. Nobody should really give two shits about your opinion on someone that you had no hand in making the legend that he is today. So I would suggest keeping your big mouth shut and only opening it when you have something profound to say.

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