WWE’s Feelings on Ohno, Backstage News on Vince, The Rock

Posted by Matt Boone November 21, 2012 10 Comments

- We noted yesterday that The Rock was granting some wishes for kids on the set of Fast 6 in London. Here is a photo of The Rock and a boy named Jack from on set:

– A lot of fans were wondering why NXT star Kassius Ohno, the former Chris Hero, didn’t debut with Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns on Sunday night at WWE’s Survivor Series pay-per-view.

We noted recently that WWE officials were talking about bringing some NXT stars to the main roster and the Survivor Series angle was the result of that. Ohno was never talked about in regards to being brought to the main roster now. Officials are high on Ohno but the feeling is that he needs more “seasoning” before being called up.

– Multiple sources mention these days that Vince McMahon is going back and forth on creative decisions more than ever.

Partial source: PWInsider

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    • http://twitter.com/SSKingofPwnage Shamir Smith

      Damn, is it just me or is the Rock more muscled and ripped now than when he was a full time wrestler because I don’t remember him having pythons like that!?

      • suckarock

        its part of the reasons the rock still has a job making movies
        its a plus to have a muscular guy in action movies

      • http://www.facebook.com/spencer.elliott.3762 Spencer Elliott

        He doesn’t have to participate in any wellness programme any more…

    • 40 dawg

      Ohno isn’t getting called up? Oh no!

      • fed up

        Shut up!!!

        • 40 dawg

          Somebody’s a crabby gus! Can I pinch your cheeks?

      • sucka


    • gogo bananas

      Rock is on roids and Ohno looks like a skinny version of the Justin “hawk” bradshaw storyline… it’s true…. it’s damn true…..

      ps. 40 dawg is a loser

    • http://facebook.com/HoustonTexansFanatic TexansFanatic

      how is Chris Hero not “seasoned” enough??? If they weren’t high on him in the first place, then why sign him??? Their are plenty of guys from ROH could do wonders in the WWE if given the chance! I mean look at 2 of the guys who are pretty popular right now: Punk & Bryan, they came from ROH. I hope he arrives SOON. And YES, I know: Antonio Cesaro also came from ROH.

    • Kage

      “Officials are high on Ohno but the feeling is that he needs more “seasoning” before being called up.”

      The hell? A veteran like Hero needs more ‘seasoning’? Yet Roman Reigns (who I’ve never even heard of until a couple of weeks ago) is good to go?


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