WWE’s Latest Plans For WrestleMania 27

Posted by Brad Davis March 3, 2011 30 Comments

Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWE held the latest round of creative meetings earlier this week to discuss finalizing the card for WrestleMania 27, which is now just a month away. Here are some new details on what WWE is planning for the show:

– “Stone Cold” Steve Austin is the most likely candidate to referee the Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole match. Cole teased that he will be revealing his “awesome” pick for guest referee on Monday’s RAW, but with Steve Austin also scheduled to appear next week, things might take a turn in a direction Cole is not too pleased with.

– Tough Enough coach Trish Stratus may be working the show in a 6-person mixed tag match. Trish would team with Kelly Kelly and John Morrison against LayCool and Dolph Ziggler.

– NEXUS members Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Heath Slater and Justin Gabriel will likely be taking on 4 of SmackDown’s toughest competitors, with those men expected to be Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston and Christian.

– Rey Mysterio will likely wrestle Cody Rhodes in singles action.

– WWE United States Champion Daniel Bryan is set to defend against Sheamus.

– There will be no Money in the Bank match this year. That match will live on at the Money In The Bank pay-per-views.

– Here’s what WWE is currently advertising for WrestleMania, as of press time:

WWE Championship Match
– The Miz (c) vs. John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship Match
– Edge (c) vs. Alberto Del Rio

“The Streak” on the Line
– The Undertaker vs. Triple H

– Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

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    • Moron

      They’re gonna put John Morrison in a mixed tag team match? Why am i not surprised. The Miz in the main event and JoMo in a mixed tag match. Nice.

      • AFtermath

        Seriously wwe creative team sux big time. Why on earth wld they put someone, who do amazing things in the air, climbed the chamber, walk the barricade, who gives his all n put his body on the line in each ppvs, and reward him with an utterly meaningless match in the grandest stage?

        What does the miz do? Both miz n the creative share one thing in common. They’re awwwwwwwwwwww-fuuuul…

        • Save_Us.Y2K

          Because the Miz gets a reaction and when JoMo comes out the crowd dies. It sucks but it’s true. I think Morrison is the most talented guy on the roster but he doesn’t get a big time reaction yet.

          • AFtermath

            JoMo is too pretty.

          • Moron

            The crowd dies when John Morrison comes out? Are you serious dude? Are you watching the same Raw we’re watching? Hell no. I agree with Aftermath, WWE creative are lacking of creativity now. Complacency creeping in WWE creative i assume. Mentality that TNA cant compete with them.

            • Save_Us.Y2K

              Yeah I’m pretty sure I’m watching the same Raw as everyone else. Dude gets a decent pop when his music starts but it dies down pretty quick which is sad. Just doing amazing things in the ring isn’t enough to be “the guy” anymore.

            • AFtermath

              No ur not. The miz is a heel n generally its easier to create a reaction from the crowd. JoMo been a face for a long time. But he paid his dues N its like a slap in the face for him being in a match with the divas after all the things he brought to the table.

        • dhilip

          They should have put JOMO vs Daniel bryan for the united states championship…. That would have been awesome!!!!

    • Darwin

      Morrison is the new Shelton Benjamin. He can wow the crowds in Money in the Bank matches and do all of these tremendous athletic feats, but when it comes to the big dance, he’s just out there to do a couple high spots in a match that most people don’t care about anyways.

      • The_Messenger

        Benjamin didn’t get the chance to be a true main eventer because they had no idea what to do with him. The same goes with Morrison. If they’d just have them wrestle, no stupid interview/vignette BS, you’d have your main eventer.

    • TheMaskedKane

      I thought Diesel is scheduled to have a match at Mania???
      Well, he can replace Kofi Kingston, cause he’s not of the TOUGHEST COMPETITORS OF SMACKDOWN, he’s just another superstar overrated by kids…

    • AFtermath

      thats a huge chair shot to Save_Us.Y2k!

      Moron! Moron! Moron! Moron!

    • dhilip

      They should have put JOMO vs Daniel bryan for the united states championship…. That would have been awesome!!!!

    • Sabre300

      Mitchell Cole’s description is a dead ringer for Jimmy Hart, but I could be reading too much into it.

    • stinger

      imma say this is gona be a good wrestlemania, but still rock should wrestle cena

    • Jamie

      i can confirm that it will be Cole with swagger vs. lawler with Jimmy hart idk the ref yet i think it said stone cold will be odd tho y would cole pick him and i thought it was supposed to be Diesel and big show vs. corre members

    • Sunny

      Honestly this card is awesome. The only match that really surprises me is Daniel Bryan Vs Sheamus. That much is really weak……Oh and watch for the bellas to accompany Sheamus. By The way Smart Wrestling Fan had the full wrestlemania card about 3 weeks ago so seeing this now makes me laugh

      • show stooper is cool

        if u really watch raw u would have seen back stage with sheamus being sob to daniel like 1 to 2 weeks ago i kind tell u they face off

    • Rockman Rex

      If I was responsible creatively for making the card for WM 27: It would look like this: Punk vs. Orton (no DQ match or HITC match ) – Edge vs. Christian (WHC title match) – Miz vs. Morrison (for the WWE title) – Nexus vs. Corre – Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya or Awesome Kong (Divas title match) – HHH vs. Undertaker (with HBK as the special referee) – 20-Man Battle Royale – Ziggler or Swagger vs. Daniel Bryan (US title match) – Kane vs. Diesel vs. Big Show (triple-threat) Natalya & Trish Stratus vs. LayCool (divas street-fight) – MAIN EVENT DREAM MATCH The Rock vs. John Cena (with Stone Cold Steve Austin as the special referee) Booker T,Lawler,Michael Cole, and good ol’JR Jim Ross will provide color commentary for my vision of this event.

      • JESTER

        thats not a DREAM MATCH, thats ignorant, Cena isnt even in Rocks league it would be a main eventer versus a Jobber if they faced, i love how all you people all of a sudden want to see this so called DREAM MATCH just because The Rock tore Cena a new a**hole on RAW. I mean if thats the case do you realize how many matches The Rocks going to have to do for people that hes ripped New A**holes? lets just take it lightly and say There are MILLIONS!!!…. & MILLIONS!!!!

        of beiber fans. xDD

        • JESTER

          oh and u also forgot who is to replace in Bieber in WM as its singer.

        • A-Wease

          This would be horrible. You are using the sort of creative booking that got WWE in the mess it is in today. For starters, the triple threat with Diesel, Kane and Big Show would be aweful. Three “big guys” slugging around. Not to metion Nash and Show are both Lazy and Kane has suffered from bad booking forever. Cena is the poster boy of the PG-WWE just as The Rock was for the Attitide era.

      • H

        You are part retarded. Real dumb. That card is bad and you should feel bad.

    • http://fffff@aim.com Hollow Bonez

      i hate the card. one of the worst wrestlemania cards ever billed. ’nuff said

    • Not a mark

      I dunno how you dumbasses could not like this card. Sorry Sting isn’t wrestling Brock Lesnar in an Ultimate X match. Grow up, quit complaining, you’ll enjoy it more.

      • chris

        you must be an idiot if you think this card is worthy of being the card for wrestlemania

    • DaKareerKilla

      Things I dislike about this card:
      1. John Morrison being in another meaningless match.
      2. Random 8-man Tag (am I reading that right?) featuring Kofi Kingston, instead of making it a 8-way or 8 man Battle Royal for the IC title.
      3. Another “Grandest Stage of them all” with not even close to all available Championships on the line.
      4. John Cena being in the Main Event.
      5. Justin Bieber. Ever.
      That being said Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus, and Edge vs. Del Rio may not be awful. And with any luck the Taker vs. Triple H match or even The Rock may be enough to redeem it. This is why I don’t watch WWE anymore, atleast TNA being a “small company” has an excuse for not putting out the best product possible.

    • Shawn Patrick

      This is just rumors folks from people “guessing” at Wrestlemania. Makes no sense at all for Cole to pick a face (Stone Cold) to be the special referee. We all know the only one that makes sense is Vicki Guerrero to be the special ref.

      The 4 vs 4 Smackdown match makes no sense also unless they want people to take a pee break.

    • the Madness

      You need some type Of mic skills. JoMo has good in ring ability but no verbal skills. (and for God’s sake already, can he change that damn attire already. Running around looking like a intergalactic pimp! At least take off those ugly ugs.) In my opinion they should get rid of Cena and Orton at least for awhile and focus on stars like Bryan,Punk,Koffi,Dibiase Jr, and a couple of others who deserve the proper showcasing. Also bring back a serious tag team division. One of my favorite aspects of wrestling growing up was watching matches involving tag teams such as The Rockers, Strike Force, Killer Bees, and Demolition. We have none of that today. On top of that WWE,s tag titles look like two giant Cooper Spartan pennies on a plastic black belt. That’s one of the only bones I’ll toss to TNA. At least they have a tag team division they take pretty serious.

    • Stingsucks

      John Cena vs The Miz Winner goes onto fighting The rock.
      Dream Match The rock Vs Goldberg haha!

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