WWE’s New Line Of Video Games Revealed

Posted by Brad Davis June 1, 2011 1 Comment

WWE and THQ have announced that the “SmackDown vs. RAW” series is being retired in favor of annual “WWE” releases (ex. WWE ’12, WWE ’13, WWE ’14).

The new WWE ’12 video game will be released in North America on November 22nd of this year and in the UK on November 25th for all major platforms. (Screenshots)

The following are among the big changes made to the game, according to IGN.com:

* The WWE video game franchise is being entirely rebooted. The first screen shots of WWE 12 resemble SmackDown vs. RAW, but the similarities end there. THQ says it has “changed the game’s DNA” and the game “has been taken apart and put back together.”

* The previous control system of analog-stick grapples has been scrapped. The game has gone back to the retro format of grapple, strike, pin and finisher being controlled by the controller’s face buttons. There are no strong and weak grapples — the moves you perform will be based on how worn down your opponent is.

* There’s a new animation system, new blending methods, something called “Predator Technology” — basically, they went under the game’s hood and ripped out all the old stuff that people hated and plugged in brand new parts to try and make the most fluid wrestling game around.

* THQ is going above and beyond to bring a brand new feel to the game and make it feel as close to WWE programming as possible. New on screen graphics, shading effects and depth of field and camera angles are being used for the game.

* A new limb targeting system has been created.

* There is a new “Breaking Point” submission system where players tap buttons in a tug of war mini-game.

* Players will now be able to attack and taunt their opponents from all new positions. For example, Randy Orton can pound on the mat prior to performing his RKO finisher.

* There is a new “dynamic comebacks” feature to give matches a more dramatic feel.

* Difficulty levels of the computerized opponents have been re-calibrated.

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