Update On Triple H’s Health Following Lesnar’s Attack

The WWE website has an article up looking at possible consequences for Brock Lesnar following his brutal attack on Triple H on Monday’s RAW Supershow.

The article states that Lesnar was escorted from the building by security and may be suspended or fined for attacking the COO. Since Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract stipulates that he is only required to make approximately 2 appearances per month, this will be a way to get him off television for a few weeks.

As per the storyline, Triple H’s arm was placed in a hold that “created a tremendous amount of torque on his upper arm and elbow.” WWE doctor Dr. Chris Amann was quoted in the article:

“He has a non-displaced fracture of distal humorous. Fortunately, this is not something that needs surgery with pins and screws. We’ll be treating him with a sling for comfort and following with him in the next few days.”

According to WWE sources, Triple H is on the list of WWE superstars scheduled to wrestle Brock Lesnar over the next year.