WWE’s Reaction To Eric Young’s Title Win, Update On WWE Dropping “PPVs”

Posted by Matt Boone April 20, 2014 16 Comments

- Apparently many in WWE were said to be “incredibly amused” when TNA put their World Heavyweight Championship on Eric Young as somewhat of a knock-off of Daniel Bryan winning his title at WrestleMania XXX.

– As previously reported, WWE is planning on phasing out the use of the term “pay-per-view” for their big shows, instead referring to them as “special events.” Despite that fact, SummerSlam is still benig billed as a “pay-per-view,” so it’s likely that the “big four” shows will still be dubbed pay-per-views.

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    • Bam Bam

      So technically WWE is only gonna have 4 Pay Per Views a year seems they are coping TNA.

      • troll


      • Derp

        Except the WWE isn’t actually going to have 4 ppv’s a year, so your sarcasm is a dud. Wah wah wah, dunce cap fa u

    • chrissi calvert

      So when the Shield debuted for WWE a few months after Aces & 8s did no one batted an eyelid. The AJ Styles/Claire Lynch story happened before the AJ/Cena story no one cared. When Lei’d Tapa turned on Gail kim just before Tamina (started to) turn on AJ no one cared. Wrestling fans are quick to criticize TNA when it does something similar to WWE but then it comes to WWE copying TNA then they all jump on the “TNA sucks” bandwagon

      • JayRoz

        Perfectly made sense! Finally some intelligence on here :)

      • George Flegel

        No shit, WWE rips off stories from other promotions just as much.

      • Kris Godwin

        Yeah. I keep highlighting examples of how WWE have copied TNA – but it falls on deaf ears around here.

        For many people, WWE is their only exposure to pro-wrestling – so it’s easy to assume that the company is the standard-bearer for absolutely everything – which isn’t true of course.

        It’s funny, because WWE (and other wrestling companies’) storylines are pretty much the same ones recycled over and over again. Jim Cornette calls it the ‘seven year cycle’.

      • duh

        Shield and Aces & 8s were not that similar other than an invading group attacking faces. Aj styles and Claire Lynch was nothing like the AJ/Cena storyline (AJ was an established character bouncing from guy to gy, CLaire Lynch was just terrible). Lei’D Tapa herself was copying Tamina by being the big samoan body guard to the smaller Women’s champ. While there is a lot of copying in wrestling (LayCool would have proved your point better) when its as blatant as this with little build and seemingly only ot catch attention, its bad copying

    • hmw

      Total Nonsense action

    • George Flegel

      Just as amusing as the Monster Kane becoming Corporate Kane and then returning to his monster persona, which is just like the Abyss/Joseph Park/Abyss angle in TNA. Both companies rip each other off just like WWE and WCW use to do. It would have been better for TNA to give EY the belt before Bryan won it at Mania to avoid any copycat acccusations.

      • Kris Godwin

        Glad to see some other smart folks around here!

        Almost every storyline or character from ANY wrestling company is unoriginal – if one looks hard enough. Even WWE’s 2011 ‘Summer of Punk’ angle could be seen as a rip-off of Punk’s ROH story. But it didn’t matter at all – because it was incredibly entertaining, regardless. Same with the NWO – Bischoff got the idea from Japan, but it was still awesome when it happened.

        • duh

          i think everyone acknowledges Summer of Punk was a rip off of the ROH version. Eric Young was hot shotted the title with little build in a storyline very similar to Bryan. It does seem a little copy cat. If they had waited a few months and built him better, I would be less inclined to go that route

          • Bulkster


    • Chris_Is_Awesome

      dude should change his name to matt bone. boneheaded cat copying stuff from other sites half a day later and sells it as news. smh

    • Bulkster

      TNA is lame.

    • Ben Jackson

      All Wrestling sux any more! WWE is so boring now I use it to go to sleep, if I even watch it at all. Same old crap for an old crappy company. I wish they would go out of busy all ready they suck so bad! If they don’t change things soon I hope they do lose their tv contract, and the tv station puts some on wroth watching. WWE sux and the only dumbazz that watch it our the blind fallower’s that don’t care how bored they get by it. Come on people grow up this crap isn’t worth watching any more!

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