Zack Ryder Mocks WWE, Ex-WWE Star Not at Old School Raw, R-Truth’s New Ring Attire

– Zack Ryder mocked WWE’s tweet hyping tomorrow’s Old School Raw, writing on Twitter, “What will unfold when BOTH Catering and Internet Champion @ZackRyder visit #OldSchoolRaw LIVE?”

WWE originally posted this photo with the caption that reads, “What will unfold when BOTH @TripleH and @WWE Champion @TheRock visit #OldSchoolRaw LIVE?”

The Rock and Triple H Raw Tweet

– The JBL and Cole Show now has a Twitter account @JBL_Cole_Show.

– Goldust noted on Twitter that he will not be on Raw tomorrow.

– The following is a photo of R-Truth’s new ring attire that he shared with followers on Twitter.

Photos of R Truth s New Ring Attire  1