Zack Ryder Mocks WWE, Ex-WWE Star Not at Old School Raw, R-Truth’s New Ring Attire

Posted by Matt Boone March 4, 2013 6 Comments

- Zack Ryder mocked WWE’s tweet hyping tomorrow’s Old School Raw, writing on Twitter, “What will unfold when BOTH Catering and Internet Champion @ZackRyder visit #OldSchoolRaw LIVE?”

WWE originally posted this photo with the caption that reads, “What will unfold when BOTH @TripleH and @WWE Champion @TheRock visit #OldSchoolRaw LIVE?”

The Rock and Triple H Raw Tweet

– The JBL and Cole Show now has a Twitter account @JBL_Cole_Show.

– Goldust noted on Twitter that he will not be on Raw tomorrow.

– The following is a photo of R-Truth’s new ring attire that he shared with followers on Twitter.

Photos of R Truth s New Ring Attire  1

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    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      I would say “There goes Zacks Push!”…but it happend a year ago.

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Ryder, you over rated hack, you had your 15 minutes. Stop bi*ching.

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Woo, woo, woo, you’re yesterday’s news.
      Ryder needs to join Bret Hart’s bitchfest group.

    • Kage

      I understand Ryder’s anger.

      He did EVERYTHING right. He took initiative and he got himself over – even to the point where ‘We want Ryder!” chants invaded the Rock’s Survivor Series promo, forcing the Great One to acknowledge it.

      How was his hard work rewarded? He gets buried by a vindictive Vince, because Ryder’s success wasn’t artificially born from WWE’s ‘creative’ team – a huge no-no in the ‘Sports Entertainment’ machine.

      The same thing has occurred to Santino Marella; a guy who just can’t break through the glass ceiling, despite his incredible performance at Elimination Chamber ’12.

      This is all the more frustrating when I remember a HHH promo in 2011, where he espoused the benefits of talent ‘getting themselves noticed’.


      • not a Booker but > wwecreative

        Couldn’t agree more! Rock’s lame acknowledgment of Ryder chants was a pathetic “I’m a fan, I like Ryder too… that summbitch is tall”..

        Not one of the “great one’s” finer ad libs. Gotta say.. i respect Rock’s achievements in both movies and wwe and i know he gets ratings and brings in publicity due to the crossover – but he really has to put someone other than Cena over to win some respect with his latest comeback.

        I say, Cena pins Rock at WM (like we know will happen), then Rock jobs to Punk (after Punk loses to Taker at WM) so we can restart the Cena- Punk rivalry.

        Ryder needs a push like the recent one Miz got… he’d make more use of it and is more talented than Miz.

        At least he gets good royalties from his Merchandise :)

    • Thomas Holbrook II

      I don’t think Ryder was complaining. He came off more like a smart @$$ than anything else.

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