NXT Superstar Adam Cole took part in arguably the match of the year this past weekend. The Undisputed Era ‘leader’ took on Johnny Gargano in an NXT Championship match that some are calling the greatest match in WWE history.

Cole recently appeared on the State of Combat podcast to discuss NXT and why it stands out amongst the plethora of wrestling companies. Adam Cole (baybay) stated that “a lot of times when people leave or they are done watching a TakeOver on the WWE Network they talk about how awesome and special and cool it was and how awesome the environment was.” Cole elaborated further, saying that “we are doing our job with giving you the best matches as we possibly can, but those fans are doing their job too and are making a whole bunch of noise, so it is awesome. It is a really cool connection we have with the NXT audience.”

Cole then moved on to discuss how far the brand has come since 2012 and where he sees it in 5-10 years. The former North American Champion said that “the sky is the limit. Like I briefly mentioned earlier, it has been almost two years for me that I have joined the NXT roster, and even the growth from then has been unbelievable. This brand, and I am going to call it a brand, continues to grow and grow and we are getting more and more people checking out NXT TV and the NXT pay-per-view events.”

Cole finished by saying that “I really believe there is a special thing that is specifically happening to the NXT brand, and the more people that watch and lay their eyes on it, they walk away going I am going to continue to watch and support that because I love that.”