Last night’s NXT show featured a bout between Matt Riddle and Adam Cole. Riddle took the win in the match and afterwards Cole and Undisputed Era member Roderick Strong were seen arguing in-ring. WWE released some exclusive NXT footage from backstage showing the two stablemates arguing with Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish intervening.

The video ends with Strong removing his armband and Undisputed Era shirt and throwing them at Cole. There’s a chance that WWE are teasing a complete breakup of the team but in reality this is probably a mistake.

Jake’s Take:¬†When it comes to stables in WWE none come close to the Undisputed Era. The four men are spectacular in-ring and have grown substantially in NXT since the group joined with Roderick Strong. The main roster of WWE is in dire need of a shakeup (an actual shakeup) and bringing this group up together would be a huge bonus for Monday’s and Tuesday’s. There’s a chance that this is a rouse and the group will annihilate members of the NXT roster in a couple of weeks, here’s hoping that’s the route they’re taking.

For fans of NXT a move to the main roster would certainly hurt the ‘developmental’ brand. This has been the case for a number of years but NXT continues to grow and build/use new stars from the independent scene. I hope that UE do not split and end up on the main roster together.

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