Travel issues are reportedly forcing creative changes for tonight’s WWE Superstar Shakeup edition of RAW from Montreal.

John Pollock noted on Twitter, “Have heard there are a number of travel issues involving WWE personnel and talent for tonight’s show in Montreal. ‘Things are being rewritten as a result’. No word on what effect this will have on tonight’s show.”

Furthermore, adds that a combination of bad weather and flight cancellations in Newark, New Jersey were impacting who was be able to get to tonight’s RAW on time. There were several WWE Superstars who were booked for layover flights in Newark, and it was noted that it’s just a bad travel day, and the few people who did have minor border issues were known in advance.

On a related note, WWE United States Champion Samoa Joe is reportedly at RAW, but is said to be very sick. He was booked for a segment on tonight’s show, but that segment was reportedly being removed from the show. There’s no word yet on if they had plans to move Joe to RAW from SmackDown.