Bray Wyatt took to Twitter today to hype tonight’s “Firefly Fun House” segment on tonight’s WWE RAW from London, England. Wyatt has been teasing a big reveal for the segment.

Wyatt wrote, “I hope you enjoy tonight’s special #FireFlyFunHouse I have been dying to show you #SecretTime”

On a related note, @Wrestlevotes reports that the Firefly Fun House will take a darker turn on tonight’s RAW. “It’s going to catch people off guard. In a good way,” they wrote.

Jake’s Take: Bray Wyatt’s recent promos with his ‘new’ persona have been increasingly intriguing. Many fans felt that the gimmick was a ‘step back’ for Wyatt but subsequently the former cult leader has drawn more and more people into his web. The Wyatt Family figurehead has supposedly building to this for quite some time, having laid out the ground work with random phrases added to promos back as far as 2015. I really, really hope that this will be the real genesis of the Bray Wyatt character.

You can see Wyatt’s full tweet below:


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