Backstage News On The Vince McMahon - Kevin Owens Angle From SmackDown

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that the blood from Vince McMahon on Tuesday’s WWE SmackDown was not only very much planned, but emphasized in the shooting of the angle with Kevin Owens.

Vince, who has heavily pushed the idea that blood isn’t allowed to be shown on TV in recent years, made sure the cameras zoomed in on his split forehead while the blood gushed out. The Observer added that the exact mechanics of the angle are unknown as the blood could have come due to a hardway shot but that’s unlikely as it’s very hard to guarantee blood with just one headbutt.

As noted, Owens destroyed Vince after the WWE Chairman re-instated suspended SmackDown Commissioner Shane McMahon to announce Shane vs. Owens at Hell In a Cell next month. That match will take place inside the Cell and will be the top match on the show.