Several WWE talents are reportedly looking into leaving the company.

Following several departures this year, including the former Dean Ambrose – Jon Moxley. There are more Superstars who are interested in leaving WWE, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio.

The report claimed that most on the WWE roster have at least looked into non-WWE opportunities. Those who haven’t could reportedly be counted on “one or two hands.”

There’s no confirmation yet on which talents are interested in leaving, but Meltzer said some of the names would shock fans. We will keep you updated on any potential departures.

Sasha Banks is one of the Superstars that has attempted to leave during the past year. The Revival’s Dash and Dawson are also seemingly looking to get out of WWE. The ‘Good Brothers’ Gallows and Anderson reportedly turned down new WWE contracts earlier this year. There’s a chance that the two tag teams would look to join AEW, however Gallows and Anderson have a strong affiliation with the Bullet Club in NJPW.

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