Backstage News On WWE’s Plans For Ronda Rousey At WrestleMania 34

As noted, WWE announced that Ronda Rousey has signed a full-time deal with the company following her debut after last night’s women’s Royal Rumble match.

The current plan is for Rousey to face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a mixed tag match at WrestleMania 34, according to It was believed that Rousey’s handshake with Stephanie was to squash their storyline beef but apparently not.

No word yet on Rousey’s partner but there had been rumors all week of WWE trying to put together Rousey and The Rock vs. The Authority. It’s unknown whether or not that match can happen as Rock hasn’t been able to wrestle a significant WrestleMania match due to movies he has had to film during recent WrestleMania seasons.

It’s believed that Rousey has signed a multi-year deal with WWE.