WWE Money In The Bank contract holder Brock Lesnar may well be appearing at the Extreme Rules event tonight. Lesnar’s ‘advocate’ Paul Heyman appeared on Monday Night RAW and stated that his client would be cashing in at the event. Heyman did also note however on Monday that he’s given us so many ‘spoilers’ that this just might be the first time as Lesnar’s mouthpiece that he is lying.

According to Fightful Select, that might not be the case. The rumored “backstage chatter” at the event seems to indicate that Lesnar will be appearing at the show. It is important to note that as of right right now Lesnar is not actually in the building.

Even if Lesnar is booked it is likely that he could be arriving late. The two title matches are scheduled to go on late in the evening. Lesnar could be cashing in tonight on Kofi Kingston (WWE Champion) or Seth Rollins (Universal Champion). We do not have any update on which Champion Brock is likely to actually cash in on. This is being closely guarded by WWE officials.

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