This week’s episode of Monday Night RAW saw former Smackdown Live Tag Team Champion Cesaro move to the red brand. According to Wrestling Observer Radio there is good reason for this last minute move. The move for Cesaro was not originally planned however WWE has opted to keep some real life couples together on the two brands.

Andrade was originally planned to be moved to RAW, however many backstage were not happy with this move. The Mexican star is currently in a relationship with former WWE Smackdown Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair. Dave Meltzer claimed that there were a lot of people ‘unhappy’ with the company splitting up the couple and that is part of the reason why WWE quietly brought Andrade and┬áZelina Vega back to SmackDown this week. Aleister Black was also brought back to Smackdown Live as Vega is his spouse.

Several conflicting reports have indicated that the Vega/Andrade move back to Smackdown was due to the FOX network. Apparently the network do not believe that there are any major Latino Superstars on the brand. This was due to Rey Mysterio being moved to the RAW brand as part of the Superstar Shakeup.

TMZ as recently reported that the relationship between Charlotte and Andrade is getting ‘extremely serious.’