The WWE Superstar Shakeup has now come and and gone. One of the biggest changes in the Women’s division saw Ember Moon switch from Monday Night RAW to Smackdown Live. RAW Superstar Alexa Bliss was not happy with the change, tweeting “SmackDown, you took my bestie!” Moon replied with a crying emoji.

Ember Moon confronted WWE RAW and Smackdown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch on the blue brand last night. Moon made it clear that she wants a shot at the Champion as soon as possible. Becky Lynch replied to Moon’s tweet to Bliss, saying “save those tears for when I slap the head off you.”

Moon replied to the champion, saying “Hah. Stop acting like I would allow that to happen.” Lynch then hit back, stating “I’m going to hit you that hard, Alexa will go out injured again.”

Moon was none too happy about this, replying with “geez ‘Man,’ It’s one thing to make idle threats as the glorified internet troll you are, but you mocking a near career-ending injury is proving you are a bully. You are just scum that needs to be taken down a notch. I’ll happily oblige.”

Bliss also weighed in on the conversation, saying “really, Bex…I’m sure me having career threatening injury is really funny for you. You know how they say don’t bite the hands that feeds you? Maybe don’t bite the hand that made you relevant. When all I had to do was debut.”