During an interview with The Kingston Wigg Standard, former WWE star Billy Gunn was asked if he’s ever looked back and realized how significant his place in WWE history is.

“No I really don’t,” Gunn said. “I’m extremely glad that I was part of that and that I had a partner and people around me that we could reach that level.

“I guess the only thing I really think of, is that when people look back, or think about me, that I just did the best that I could. It really wasn’t all about me. It was about making other people good, or helping other people, or that at least my work was good and not crappy.”

Gunn also feels he, Road Dogg, and Sean Waltman deserve a spot in the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I think we do,” said Gunn. “I still think we have a place up there to work, not work wrestling-wise, but work to help the younger guys coming up. Do I think we deserve the hall of fame? Yeah, of course we do.”

Gunn also believes he can bring back an element of fun back to WWE, something he feels is lacking today. The article notes that with the recent returns of 1990s stars such as The Rock and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to WWE, Gunn’s return could be inevitable.

“People are not really interested in that show too much,” he said, referring to Monday Night Raw. “I don’t want to say that for a fact, but there are really no stand-out guys. I mean, how long has John Cena been carrying that company? Forever.

“They’re trying to get some of these guys back that the older generation, or the ’90s generation, wants to see. There is really nobody on that show anymore that they want to see who is really a standout. Face it, The Rock, Stone Cold, DX, not only was it the wrestling, but it was the skits, or the attitude and all of that. They were just fun to watch. Not only the wrestling part, but the funny stuff. You never knew what we were going to do. They tuned in every Monday night just to see what kind of silly s–t we were going to pull off.”