WWE’s SuperDown event took place today from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The extremely controversial show being described by WWE as “as big as” if not “bigger” than WrestleMania had some intriguing bouts on show. Even if some where perhaps for the wrong reasons…

Seth Rollins successfully retained his Universal Championship at the event against Baron Corbin. Rollins rolled up Corbin for the win after the former RAW GM bullied the referee into the corner. Following the match Brock Lesnar appeared to cash in on the Universal Champion.

Lesnar came out with a steel chair whilst Paul Heyman was holding his Money In the Bank briefcase. Fans popped as The Beast heads to the ring, with a referee right behind them. Lesnar entered the ring and Rollins immediately nailed a low blow to bring him down. Rollins grabbed the chair and nailed Lesnar with it. The bell never rang. After a low blow and a beat down from Rollins the ‘Beast Incarnate’ had to retreat with the Money In The Bank Briefcase in hand.

It was expected that Brock would be cashing in and winning against Rollins. Lesnar stated on RAW that he would cash in on “Friday.” It looks as though Kofi Kingston might have to watch his back tonight.


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