– Former World Heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg will be hosting a new miniseries on the SPEED channel beginning next Sunday at 1pm EST. Here’s a preview:

– Regarding the fight between Vader and Harley Race that we reported on from yesterdays Legends of the Ring Convention, Matt Hardy commented on Twitter:

“By the way, I was there today at Legends of the Ring & witnessed the physical altercation between Vader & Harley Race… Unbelievable.”

– As a reminder, John Cena will be the Honorary Captain at today’s New York Jets vs. Indianapolis Colts NFL game. The appearance has picked up some mainstream media attention with an article on the NFL website wondering if Cena will be boo’d because he is a New England Patriots fan. Cena tweeted this morning:

“Off to NYC to be @nyjets honorary capt. today. #Metlifestadium is home of #WRESTLEMANIA gotta make sure its loud enuff for @wwe”