In case you missed it (how?) Chris Jericho recently ‘lost’ his AEW World Championship. As we wrote previously the AEW title went missing when Jericho took a limo to a Longhorn Steakhouse for a meal. The belt was subsequently returned to the Champion when a good samaritan found the title on the side of a road. It’s been one of the more surreal stories in all of 2019.

Recently Matt Hardy posted a video taking a funny jab at Jericho for losing the belt. Hardy did however want to take time on Twitter to clarify that the video was all in good fun. “For the record, I am not making fun of Chris Jericho.” Hardy wrote. “I just saw an opportunity to make a cute parody of last week’s wacky events & remind people of how entertaining I can be. Chris is a great friend & is an industry master of evolution & reaction. ENJOY!”

Jericho has responded to the tweet, saying “I loved it! It was OUTSTEEEEEENDING!!!!”

Essentially, everything is fine.

Check out the video below if you have not already seen it.


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