Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by on his new AEW contract and a variety of other topics.

One of the topics covered included the WrestleMania main event from earlier this month. Ronda Rousey and Charlotte Flair defended their respective RAW and Smackdown Women’s Championships in a Triple Threat including Becky Lynch.

When asked how he felt about the Women’s Division headlining WrestleMania for the very first time Jericho responded by saying “I think the fact that you had the first-ever women’s WrestleMania main event in WWE is just basically the way things are for the sport of wrestling, as it should be. It’s a male dominated sport, but there are so many great women who are doing it too that they should be in the main event.”

Jericho elaborated further, saying “and they should have in that case because their match also had the best storyline and the most excitement about it. Watching it as a fan. Because I don’t work there anymore. But it wasn’t like a stunt casting thing, they should have been the last match, so it was cool to see.”

You can check out the full interview with Jericho below:

Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription*