Former WWE Superstar CM Punk appeared at an indie event over the weekend. The ‘Cult of Personality’ appeared at MKE Wrestling’s “The Last Knight” on Friday.

If you have not seen it, Punk helped Ace Steele defeat Daryck St Holmes after hitting a Go To Sleep on Holmes. Punk appeared in a mask and fans in attendance had no clue who it was. There were smatterings of Punk chants but these appeared to be for the move itself.

According to WrestlingINC Punk was meant to take his mask off after hitting the move. Punk did not and retreated to the backstage area before leaving immediately. CM Punk has made some comments recently stating that he has no desire to return to wrestling, so this is an interesting development.

Check out the tweets below for comparison between the masked man and what Punk was wearing earlier that day. Punk trains in Milwaukee for his Mixed Martial Arts career, where the angle happened.

Ace Steele is of course one of the men that trained Punk. They are reportedly still good friends and this was likely just a fun way for Punk to kill some time. There are no reports that Punk is returning to wrestling at this time.