Former WWE Superstar CM Punk recently appeared on The Herd with Colin Cowherd  to discuss his new role on FS1’s WWE Backstage.

“So I guess I’m in conjunction (with WWE),” Punk stated. “I’m WWE adjacent.”

Punk has promised to not hold back in his criticism of WWE on the Backstage show. Punk referred to the Baron Corbin segment on SmackDown this past Friday as “garbage.”

The former WWE Champion also took some shots at Seth Rollins.

“…I think honestly that’s the appeal of the job”

“I’m not concerned about it, I think honestly that’s the appeal of the job,” Punk claimed. “We’re (FOX) going to pay you and come here and be an analyst, and you get to critique the old place you work at. I’m not here to play a spoiler, and I’m not here to pour gasoline or anything and set everything on fire. I think deep down I loved pro wrestling as a kid and I think it can be better. I always voiced my concerns and criticisms while I worked there, and now I don’t work there and now I can’t get in trouble for it.”

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*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription


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