There have been rumors circulating surrounding CM Punk’s WWE status over the past few weeks. As we previously reported Punk had apparently ‘auditioned’ for the new WWE Backstage television programme that would soon be starting on FOX. The show is controlled by the FOX Network, so essentially if WWE has a problem with the signing they likely cannot gripe. None of the reports have been confirmed however the news came from Tier 1 sources initially.

The rumors are now hotting up with Punk’s t-shirts on Pro Wrestling Tees having all but been removed from the site. There is just one t-shirt left for purchase on the site, a “CM PUNK SUCKS” shirt which is selling for $19.99.

Punk did have at least 35 items for sale on the site at one point. The reason this is adding to the rumor mill is that Punk would likely have merchandise back under the WWE banner if he were to return. It is highly unlikely that an independent talent, be it in-ring or not, would decide to forego the lucrative income opportunity that Pro Wrestling Tees provides.

We’ll be able to update this story as/if it develops.

24 Wrestling is one of the top Wrestling News Aggregators on the internet. With that in mind we have implemented a new ‘tiering’ system regarding the stories and rumors that we post. Stories from Tier 1 are the most reputable, Tier 2 is from smaller but prominent sites. Tier 3 is for notable rumors but from sources who are not as recognised/reliable as Tiers 1 and 2.


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