Cody Rhodes recently spoke to Chris Van Vliet on a variety of topics surrounding AEW. Rhodes discussed the upcoming weekly TNT show as well as his current relationship with WWE.


With regards to the new television show Cody set out his vision. “It’s really likely the show is going to be two hours,” Rhodes stated. “That’s the sweet spot. In terms of the schedule we’ll find out probably within the next few months for sure and it will be in a great spot to be in prime time on TNT, they’ve really set us up. Now you’ve got to go deliver the bell to bells and the sports-centric. Another thing that is really cool is you’ll be able to find out per market where we’re going to be all around, this isn’t going to be be something that is just stationed in one spot. This is a touring brand. We’re really, no pun intended, going all in on the concept of it and it’s so special because we aren’t doing a live event system so when we come we’re bringing our absolute best from match quality to star quality. I feel like I’m giving away a lot here. Did Tony already say it? It’s two hours, live.”


Rhodes is one of the Executive Vice Presidents of AEW. Vliet asked Cody if he believes he may still be on good terms with AEW’s rivals WWE. “I would think I do, but it’s dawning on me that I likely don’t if that makes any sense,” Rhodes commented. “I would think that we are still, I learned a lot there, I had a great time, I met my wife and I also got to wrestle some of the best. The Undertaker was still pretty active, I got to be in there with Taker. Shawn Michaels was active, I got to be in there with Shawn and Hunter himself. But I don’t know maybe I’m not too well received. We were kind of always the enemy, me and my family. We were like the bastard family of wrestling. Dusty was always an individual, he never really fit into the corporate structure. He did great there and they really took care of him but I think we were always kind of the enemy.”


*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription


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