As previously reported, WWE is putting added emphasis on larger Superstars in recent weeks. This is apparently the reason we’ve seen a push for Big Show to the main event level, as well as the reason behind his match with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at the upcoming Survivor Series pay-per-view on November 24th. Additionally, the large-guy-push in WWE is the reason for the added television exposure of guys like Luke Harper and The Great Khali.

A lot of the blame, as far as WWE is concerned, belongs to the recent attempt to push Daniel Bryan to the top. Bryan is getting the blame by WWE management for the recent drop in pay-per-views, as they feel they gave him a shot in the top spot for the last few months-worth of pay-per-views, and they consider the buyrates dropping to be a direct result of trying to push a smaller guy as opposed to a larger guy, which WWE feels the fans want these days.



  1. Oh yeah of course that’s why the audience boo’s Danial Bryan when he comes out every week, oh wait they don’t do that do they. I’m sure the lower buyrates have nothing to do with the fact that the ppv’s are expensive and not all that worth buying or the fact that the story lines have been haphazard and changed from week to week.

  2. The ppv buy rates didnt drop because they tried to push daniel bryan they dropped because they have Pay Per Views every month at 50 dollars. Drop the prices to 20 bucks for the lesser PPV’s and watch buy rates rise also listen to the fans they made CM Punk,Chris Jericho,Eddie Guerrero stars who are “smaller guys” why can’t they do the same for Bryan, Ziggler,kofi etc. But the so called “brains” who run wwe ignore all of the fans suggestions and think that only big guy can be the face of the company.The fans were cheering like crazy for daniel bryan so wwe needs stop blaming the wrestlers and start blaming them selves.

  3. They don’t need a “reason” to push Show. He’s a huge guy who fits their ideal mold, he’s mobile enough for his size, he can do comedy skits, he puts guys over when asked to and has been a main event level player for the last decade.
    Trust in McMahon.

  4. Daniel Bryan has been heavily over. PPV buyrates are dropping because the last few ppv’s they always choose to have bullshit endings that leave viewers unsatisfied. Viewers are getting sick of all of the crap they’ve been doing the last couple months. When Bryan won these last two times, fans were out of their seats cheering their asses off. Vince and creative need to realize that maybe, just MAYBE, this problem is caused by their doing. Bryan has been over for quite awhile.

  5. I figure Big Show is getting a title shot because that’s the natural progression the way the story line is going and has nothing to do with Daniel Bryan not being able to deliver buy rates.

  6. along with being on of their top guys, Daniel bryan has also become their scapegoat. Really? blaming him for the shitty ppv’s when you keep screwing him over!?!?!?

  7. It’s because there is no point in fans buying the PPVs. Daniel Bryan won the title and then due to a pointless/poorly explained heel turn he lost it immediately after, then he won the title back and was stripped of it the next night, then he has a rematch for the title in the main event which ended in a no contest, then they had Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee perform yet another pointless “swerve” heel turn for no reason what so ever. It’s ironic that the storyline of Bryan being buried is actually real life.

    • you said it right there.

      I thought they were leaving Bryan so they could give Randy a lengthy reign then have Bryan win the Rumble and have a DB vs Randy Orton vs John Cena match at WM. Where DB manages to make Randy tap out.

  8. Maybe if they would have let Bryan be champion for the summer instead of this “Best for Business” shit they shoved down our throats, they would have had better rates. But no, they had to screw it up. If anyone should be at fault here, it should be Triple H for approving this nonsense, not Daniel Bryan.

  9. And who will they blame when Orton vs. Big Show doesn’t improve buy rates for whatever mediocore ppv they have it headlining? Oh, it won’t matter, becasue Super Cena is back, which means buyrates will be up again, thus validating WWE’s use of Daniel Bryan & CM Punk as scapegoats. Bunch of b.s.

  10. yea, I can tell how much the wwe universe does NOT like Bryan by the full arena chants of YES YES YES and the pop DB get’s when his music hits. Sure, they hate him because Khali gets such POP and chants, sure. wtf??!!!

  11. PPV buys are down..well of course they are! its not 1992!! its 2014 almost! they have these things called websites, ones that illegally show the PPVS for any sport, people watch the ppv on those websites.


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