As we mentioned earlier in the week, WWE’s RAW and Smackdown shows are going to be getting an overhaul. Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff respectively will be heading up the two main roster programs as the Executive Directors.

There have been multiple reports since the news regarding WWE COO Triple H. According to Brad Shepard of Pro Sports Extra ‘The Game’ turned down an offer from WWE to become the Executive Director of Smackdown Live. Shepard stated that a source within the company had confirmed Triple H’s decision to turn down the offer; “The same source also told me Triple H was offered Eric Bischoff’s Executive Director role on under the condition that he juggle NXT as well, and he declined.”

Since then several other reports have come out refuting the statement. Triple H has been heavily praised for his work with NXT, WWE’s ‘developmental territory.’ Whilst it would’ve been a supposed natural fit for the COO to move up into a more advanced role Vince McMahon has opted to bring in the former heads of ECW and WCW.

We have been unable to find any concrete evidence of an offer being given to Triple H. We will update here if anything further is revealed.