WWE 24/7 Champion was recently ‘ambushed’ by former Champion Drake Maverick. The reigning Champion was in a recording studio making tracks for his latest album. Maverick, however, who saw the recording session as a chance for him to win back the 24/7 title.

Maverick actually disguised himself as a piano player in Elias’ band. He then motioned for a referee to enter the scene as Elias was distracted. The rouse didn’t work, however. Elias prevented the roll-up from Maverick to retain his title. The reigning Champion then booted the 205 Live General Manager out of the studio.

WWE.com posted video of the altercation to their official YouTube page:
24/7 Championship Statistics

Elias’ current reign as champion sits at 4 days. He’s 3 days away from passing Maria Kanellis as having had the 3rd most days spent with the title.

  • R-Truth – 61 combined days as champion.
  • Drake Maverick – 16 combined days as champion.
  • Maria Kanellis – 7 days spent as champion.
  • Elias – 4 days spent as champion.

This is Elias’ 3rd run with the belt but the first time his reign has lasted more than a day.

*Credit to SEScoops for the stats