Eric Bischoff recently appeared on the Underground Australia podcast to promote his upcoming 83 Weeks live show alongside Conrad Thompson.

Bischoff discussed his time in TNA on the show and how he regretted his time there. “For the most part, it is very regrettable,” stated Bischoff. “Looking back, I wished I wouldn’t have done it, with one or two exceptions. It was an opportunity for me to work with my son, and for my son to get an opportunity to work in the wrestling business, which is something that was a goal of his as a young boy and a teenager growing up. He’s fantasized having an opportunity to work in the wrestling business with his father, and being in TNA gave me that opportunity to provide to him.” Bischoff elaborated further, saying that he’ll “forever be grateful for that, because that is a memory that my son and I share to this that day, that is very special to both of us. And I’ll never, ever minimize that. But, other than that? Eh. Eh.”

Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan joined TNA via Dixie Carter to try and take the company to the next level. Many fans felt that Bischoff and Hogan took away the uniqueness and personality of the company, with changes made such as removing the six-sided ring and bringing in a traditional four-sided canvas.

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription


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