If you missed the news recently, Eric Bischoff has been brought back to WWE. The former President of WCW and RAW GM will return to the company as an Executive Director of Smackdown Live.

There has been the question of Bischoff’s podcasting future following the announcement. Bischoff hosts the 83 Weeks podcast alongside Conrad Thompson of What Happened When and the Something To Wrestle podcasts. ‘Easy E’ took to Twitter to confirm earlier today that 83 Weeks will still continue despite his new role within WWE. “83 Weeks will continue as scheduled. The show must go on!!” Bischoff declared when a fan asked if the podcast will be continuing.

The podcast made its debut on 30 April, 2018 and has been running for 61 episodes as of this writing. The name “83 Weeks” comes from the fact that Bischoff, when he was President of WCW, beat WWF’s Monday Night Raw with his Monday Nitro show for 83 weeks straight during the Monday Night Wars.