WWE Superstar Fandango recently spoke with Maine’s Portland Press Herald to promote the WWE Draft. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On wanting more out of his WWE run:

“It’s the only thing I’m really good at, and since I’ve dedicated this much time, I’m probably all in for the rest of my life. I’m definitely grateful for everything I’ve achieved, but I want to go higher up the food chain in the WWE.”

On the WWE Draft and working with Tyler Breeze:

“There’s a positive vibe in the locker room because it’s a change that’s creating more room and slots and TV time for guys who aren’t really getting it. Tyler and I are really excited to see where we fall.”


  1. WWE destroyed Fandango’s career. They should have never split up Summer Rae n him. People were really getting behind him and look at where he is now. Its pathetic how they handle talent sometimes.

    • Summer Rae wasn’t really helping him in anyway what they really shouldn’t have done is after his theme song got him over was turn around and have him shoot on the fans.


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