Prosecutors have dropped the gun case against former WWE star Terri Runnels, according to TMZ Sports. She is now off the hook and will not serve any jail time.

We noted back on May 29 how Runnels was arrested at Tampa International Airport when police found a loaded Glock 9mm in a sock that was in a piece of her luggage. Runnels said leaving the gun in the bag was a genuine mistake, as she forgot to take the gun out of the bag after she had went to kill an armadillo that was digging up her mom’s yard.

Runnels had been charged with a felony charge of carrying a concealed firearm and she was facing up to 5 years in prison, but prosecutors have issued a “letter of release” and dropped the case. TMZ noted that this means the case has been dismissed, but in theory prosecutors could pick it back up down the road, but the odds of that happening are extremely slim.


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