WWE Champion Kofi Kingston recently spoke with The Daily Star and acknowledged that there were many times where he felt like he was “sitting on the sidelines” after apparent pushes would come and go during his 11 year journey to the WWE Title.

“There are so many moments like that when you think things are going to get going and then they stop. Its very easy to get down on yourself and the situation, and I am so glad I didn’t allow that to happen,” Kofi said. “But I was able to control what I could control and let my performances speak for themselves and give it my all every single time. The more you do that, the more respect you get from the fans and they realize your ability to perform. I think all of that grind over the years, fighting through the lows, has allowed for the people to support me the way they are now.”

Kofi recalled his 2009 performance in the WrestleMania 25 Money In the Bank Ladder Match, and his feud with Randy Orton, calling them sore moments in his career. He received a standing ovation after the MITB match, but wasn’t even used on RAW the next night.

“That was frustrating, as I thought ‘this is it, here we go’ – then it was a stop,” Kofi said. “Another moment was having a feud with Randy Orton in the main event. We had this awesome battle and a memorable moment at Madison Square Garden. Everybody was on their feet, and I was like ‘here we go’ – and then about a month later it was done, and I was sitting on the sidelines again.”

Kofi also reiterated past comments on how The New Day will never break up or go their separate ways. He joked that he will be buried with Xavier Woods and Big E in the same coffin. The New Day previously used the “Freebird Rule” with the RAW and SmackDown Tag Team Titles, but Kofi said they still obey that rule with the WWE Title. It should be noted that WWE has not confirmed the “Freebird Rule” being used with the singles title.

Kofi also said that if Big E or Woods wanted a WWE Title shot, all they would have to do is ask.

“If Big E or Woods were WWE Champion right now I would support them as much as they have supported me. And they feel the same way. We all work together and when one us achieves the ultimate level of success, we all achieve it,” Kofi said.