Last night was the beginning of the ‘Wednesday Night Wars.’ WWE’s NXT brand went head to head with AEW Dynamite for the first time on television. NXT was shown live for 2 hours on USA Network and AEW was shown on TNT for their debut.

We expected that there would be some big news coming out of both shows. One of the biggest saw WWE Superstar Finn Balor make his return to WWE. We reportedly previously that Balor was granted some time off to recuperate and enjoy his honeymoon with his wife.

Balor returned to NXT following an NXT Championship match between Adam Cole and Matt Riddle. Cole won the match and then Balor’s music hit to a huge pop from the Full Sail crowd. Balor then entered the ring and declared that from “this moment on, I am NXT.”

We do not know if Balor will be exclusive to the NXT brand going forward at this time.

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