Outspoken former UFC star Chael Sonnen was recently asked his view on Ronda Rousey and her time in the MMA promotion. Sonnen made some disparaging remarks about the former WWE RAW Women’s Champion.

“I was personal friends with Ronda and I never knew she believed the things people said about her,” Sonnen claimed. “I thought she was aware that this was just a show pony in the right place at the right time with limited skills and a whole bunch of media behind her. I thought she knew that.”

Sonnen also brought up how Rousey left the UFC following her 2016 loss to Holly Holm. “When she took her ball and went home, I had no idea,” Sonnen said. “We call it marking out for your own gimmick. It is a fun thing to do. It is always okay to read about what they say about you, but it is never okay to believe what they say about you.”

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