– WWE posted this video of the recent Viking wedding ceremony between Sarah Logan of The Riott Squad and Raymond Rowe of The War Raiders.

– Speaking of vikings, it was announced this week that History’s Vikings series will stop airing after the sixth season that begins airing later this year. The series has featured WWE Hall of Famer Edge in a regular role. Becky Lynch recently spoke with Fox News and talked about how she tried to get on the show years ago.

“When I was 15 I started wrestling, right? By 19, I traveled the world, I’d been the youngest foreign female to wrestle in Japan, [the] main event in Japan. I lived in Canada, I lived in America, I wrestled around Europe — and then I quit,” Lynch told Fox. “I quit wrestling for seven years and I did everything that I thought I possibly wanted to do.”

“Going back to college and studying acting was one of those things,” Lynch continued. “I left college and I got my acting degree, and I was looking for work. I handed in my resume and headshot to ‘Vikings’ because they were filming in Ireland. I get a call and it’s from ‘Vikings,’ and they’re like, ‘Hey, do you stunts?’ And obviously, the way my resume read, because I have all this physical experience, they thought I was a stuntwoman!”

Lynch lied and assured producers she could do stunts, and then had to actually figure out how to be a stuntwoman. She practiced for stunt work at a pro wresting school, and someone at the school asked her if she’d ever tried out for WWE because they believed she could get signed.

– WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan recently spoke with Sports Illustrated and commented on what it would mean for Kenny Omega to sign with WWE after a major run in Japan.

“It’s tough to go your whole life without eating at McDonald’s or riding in a Chevrolet,” Hogan said. “If you don’t touch on the WWE, the story’s not complete. But maybe Kenny could be the exception.”

– Carmella and R-Truth have been in Stamford, CT this week to film various segments for the follow-up to their Mixed Match Challenge win back in December. As seen below, Truth and Carmella have filmed with Cathy Kelley at WWE HQ, with Corey Graves and others. The storyline is that they received a vacation to anywhere in the world following their MMC win, but Truth chose WWE HQ in Stamford as the destination. They also won the #30 spots in the men’s and women’s Royal Rumble matches later this month.