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PROGRESS recently crowned their first ever Proteus Champion. The Proteus title is unlike anything else in pro wrestling today. The Champion dictates the stipulation of their title matches, literally meaning that ‘Champion’s Advantage’ is really in play. We got the chance to speak to the first ever Proteus Champion Paul Robinson. Robinson won the belt in a Rumble match for PROGRESS back at the Alexandra Palace show last month.

Paul Robinson

Here’s our interview with the UK’s own Paul Robinson:

24 Wrestling: Hi Paul thank you for your time. I first wanted to ask if the euphoria from your Proteus Title win has died down at all?

Paul Robinson: Honestly, I don’t think it ever will.

24 Wrestling: You will be defending the Proteus title for the first time in Manchester at Chapter 96: True Friends Stab You In The Front, who do you think/want will be your opponent on the night for your first defence? (To clarify this questions was asked before the Travis Banks reveal by PROGRESS)

Paul Robinson: Obviously its now been revealed to be (NXT UK Superstar) Travis Banks. If I’d had a choice it would have been Travis or Ilja (Dragunov) after that rumble. Either way I get to fight. Win win.

24 Wrestling: You mentioned after Ally Pally that you want to defend your Championship with honour. Including making the belt as a weapon out of bounds for your Proteus title matches. We’ve recently seen some individuals disrespecting prestigious Championships on the independent scene, what are you feelings on that in general?

Paul Robinson: Even I have lines I don’t cross. It’s disrespectful. I feel for anyone that try’s that sh*t with me.

24 Wrestling: PROGRESS now finally has a second singles Championship since the dissolution of the ATLAS belt. A previous ATLAS Champion Matt Riddle defended that title across the globe for different promotions, is this something you would consider doing?

Paul Robinson: Definitely, Riddle made that Championship. I’m ready to take on anyone and everyone and I don’t mind making the trip anywhere for a fight.

24 Wrestling: On a different note we’ve seen some of the UK’s top Deathmatch performers compete in the CZW Tournament of Death over the past few years (Jimmy Havoc, Drew Parker, Big F’n Joe). Whilst you’re not JUST a Deathmatch wrestler it’s certainly something in your repertoire. Have you considered going across the pond and competing in arguably the most dangerous tournament in pro wrestling?

Paul Robinson: At this moment in time it would have to be a no. It’s something I’d love to experience but I’m running short on excuses for me cuts and/or scars when I’m at the day job. If I was full time wrestling then it becomes a different answer.


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