We recently spoke to Ring of Honor’s Mark Haskins ahead of one of the biggest matches of his career. The former PROGRESS World Champion will be teaming with BOLA 2019 winner Bandido to take on The Briscoes for the ROH World Tag Team Championships.

We’d like to thank Mark for his time, here’s the interview:


24 Wrestling: So Mark, you’re teaming with Bandido tonight to challenge for the ROH World Tag Team Championships at Ring of Honor Death Before Dishonor. What do you feel you and Bandido (of Lifeblood) have as a team to dethrone one of the most established teams in ROH history, The Briscoes?

Haskins: Bandido is one of the fastest rising stars in Wrestling today. And I’m one of the most underrated wrestlers in the world who’s fed up of being over looked. We both have a point to prove and if we go in there with a world class team like the Briscoes and tear it up it will speak volumes to those watching. Lifeblood isn’t a team to sleep on.

Match Of The Night?

24 Wrestling: There’s a real sense that this will be the match of the night from fans. Do you feel the pressure of that heading into possibly the biggest match of your ROH career to date?

Haskins: No. I love being in there with the Briscoes because those boys can go and I want to get stuck in.

Potential Challengers

24 Wrestling: Are there any tag teams in ROH that you are expecting to be stepping up to challenge you if you win the belts?

Haskins: Anyone who wants to go, come get involved. I don’t back down from a challenge and I don’t think Bandido will either. Maybe some of the New Japan boys would like a shot, and hell I’d be game. Just bring your A game because I want to go with the best.

24 Wrestling: Yourself and Bandido are arguably two of the most underrated talents on the ROH roster, arguably even the world. With Bandido having recently won the PWG Battle of Los Angeles do you feel that he and the Lifeblood stable in general will finally start to gain more traction across the globe?

Haskins: Who knows, eh? Lifeblood are focused on ROH right now. But if there’s other places out there that want a piece of that beautiful crimson pie then you know where we’re at.

British Wrestling Is Dead?

24 Wrestling: Also, as a final thing. How do you feel about the whole ‘Brit Wres is dead’ rhetoric that seems to be making the rounds?

Haskins: It’s hilarious. Anybody who actually has half a brain cell knows it’s not. We had a hot run for a few years but not every company makes it. There’s now more people making full time money in the UK off of wrestling than there has been in a long time.if ever. Tell me that’s the sign of a dead business and I’ll show you an idiot who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

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