WWE’s SuperDown event took place today from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. The extremely controversial show being described by WWE “as big as” if not “bigger” than WrestleMania had some intriguing bouts on show. Even if some where perhaps for the wrong reasons…

Shane McMahon faced Roman Reigns in a one-on-one bout at the show and defeated him. Granted, the match ended with a referee bump and a Claymore Kick from Drew McIntyre, but throughout the match Shane McMahon stood his ground against Roman Reigns.

I have quite a few issues with this. Like it or not Roman Reigns is still WWE’s go to ‘top’ guy. They seem to be keeping him in a lesser position for the time being. This may be to let the crowds rebuild their appreciation and not feel like they are being force fed Reigns. The biggest issue with Roman’s run before he was overcoming his leukemia diagnosis was just that, fans felt like he was forced into the main event far too much. Yep, Shane O’Mac, aged 49 and NOT a certified professional wrestler stood his ground against the ‘Big Dog.’

Roman On Top

When you look at Reigns as a performer he has a ton of upside. There are ‘top’ guys in WWE history that were FAR worse in ring than Roman. There were ‘top’ guys that were FAR worse on the microphone. Honestly, Roman is a fine choice to propel WWE into their new run on the FOX Network with Smackdown Live.

Many fans will say that this is all part of the story and that McMahon will get his comeuppance. That may well be true, but when an aged man proclaiming to be the ‘best in the world’ is legitimately able to hang with your top guy it does not help Roman, at all. There were large parts of the bout where Shane was able to match Roman for speed and power. It’s 2019, how on earth are you supposed to take Roman Reigns seriously if he cannot finish Shane McMahon in a straight one-on-one match? At least The Miz bouts had smoke and mirrors and the opportunity to take the match to the outside (WrestleMania) or use the cage (Money In The Bank).

I have no doubt that Roman is WWE’s top guy, still. But for a company completely devoid of REAL Superstars I wish they would start to build people correctly.


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