We’re just a day away from WWE’s Stomping Grounds event on WWE Network and PPV. I do not remember an event in recent memory for WWE that had this little amount of buzz or speculation. The tickets for the show have been selling at a slow pace and the matches announced feel lethargic on WWE’s part.

So, what can WWE do to make Stomping Grounds more newsworthy and get the wrestling world talking about the company again in a positive light? It’s evident that something ‘big’ needs to happen at this PPV, maybe that’s just me being naive and hoping for change but this company needs a jolt creatively. The idea of this show ending with Baron Corbin standing with the Universal Championship does not appeal, at all.

When WWE want to create buzz and get the world talking they certainly know how to do it. Easily the biggest opportunity here is bringing an NXT Superstar/Superstars to the main roster. As I said this show needs something big, and the Undisputed Era ‘invading’ the main roster could be the catalyst for a more creatively exciting product.

As I mentioned previously this is probably just me being naive. I’ve seen enough over the years to suggest that WWE is happy to keep the boat steady until Summerslam, even if there’s water flowing on board (or ratings tanking in record numbers).

I can see the UE appearing at the end of the event and completely decimating both Seth Rollins and Baron Corbin, the match ends as a no contest and people have a reason to tune into RAW tomorrow night.


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