As noted, GFW held a media conference call featuring James Storm earlier this week. Featured below, courtesy of, are some more highlights of topics Storm spoke about during the call.

On the past perception that TNA stole top WWE guys but not being one regarding WWE taking top TNA guys: “I tell fans all the time; they don’t get it. The talent looks at this as a business. So many fans look at it like, ‘oh well, he’s a sell-out. It’s not like that. We have to provide for our families so wherever we have to go to get work, that’s what we’re going to do. It seems to get over looked when the WWE picks up TNA guys, but as soon as TNA Impact picks up a WWE guy, ‘oh, they’re picking up a WWE guy, blah, blah, blah’. That’s not really fair for the guy because he’s just looking for a place to provide for his family.”

On the reason why he ultimately decided against a run in NXT in 2015: “A lot of people say it was money, but it wasn’t. It was a family thing. Hunter told me they’d run 100-125 shows over the next two years. My wife wanted to have another kid, but she had to do shots, and I had to be at home a lot more. It was a decision: do I go and live this crazy of wrestling in the WWE or do I stay home and help my wife have another child that she wants? I decided that my family was what is really important to me.”

On his current relationship with former longtime tag-team partner Bobby Roode: “I’ll shoot him a text every now and then. I’ll text him and say congratulations because that guy definitely has earned everything that he’s got coming to him. He proved what he proved here, that he can get in the ring with anyone. I always say, if he can go on and make a living, which is what he’s doing, the best to him. I wish him nothing but good luck.”

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