James Storm took part in a media conference call for Global Force Wrestling (GFW) earlier this week, talking with reporters about a number of topics related to the promotion.

During the call, Storm spoke at length about the recent name changes the company has gone through over the past year.

“I’m so used to calling it TNA, just because I’ve been here for 15 years,” said Storm. “I know a lot of other guys still refer to it as TNA. But I think it’s just the lettering – especially here in the States, when you tell someone you wrestle for TNA, they look at you like you’re a weirdo because they think something totally different – but I think it should just be called Impact Wrestling.”

Storm continued, “Plain and simple. That’s what the name of the show is, that’s what a lot of wrestling fans are accustomed to. But at the end of the day, that’s not my call.”

The longtime GFW / TNA veteran also spoke about how he feels the company could implement a system that would help in terms of developing talent.

“We don’t have the John Cena or even the Roman Reigns,” said Storm. “With Impact, it seems like they try to make everybody on the same level; being in the wrestling business 20 years, I’ve never had it be like that.

“To me, it seems like in Impact they try to have everyone on the same level and everyone’s fighting for the same title. Whereas, to me, I think you should have your main event guys, and you have your undercard and undercard title, and all of the undercard guys are working to get to that spot.”

Storm continued, “Growing up, I always watched Bret Hart and Mr. Perfect wrestle for the Intercontinental title all the time, while you had Hulk Hogan and those guys doing heavyweight stuff. Once Hogan and them moved out, then you had Bret and them move up, and other guys started going for the IC title. I feel like you need to go back toward that a little bit.”

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