WWE Hall Of Famer Jim Ross recently appeared as a guest on The Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast for an in-depth interview. Below are some of the highlights.

On having deals with both WWE and AXS TV: “Yeah, it’s a different deal. I never really thought of it in the scope, but others have posed the same questions and made comments about it. They say, you know, JR is doing some work for New Japan. Somebody said that the reason the New Japan in Long Beach was not the way everybody would have wanted was because, I don’t want to say hospitality, but communication may be a better word, that they were not comfortable, allegedly that I signed with WWE again, but honoring my contract with AXS TV.”

On not working directly for New Japan Pro Wrestling: “The issue is quite simple: I never worked for New Japan; I don’t work for New Japan. I don’t get paid by New Japan. I do voice overs of their matches that they record in Japan that AXS TV edits and airs on their network and they pay me for their services; it’s really a simple, straightforward deal.'”

On wanting to stay busy since his wife Jan passed away unexpectedly in March: “When my wife, Jan, got killed back in March, it really changed the game for me in many ways; one was to simply stay busy, and I am accomplishing that. I am in a unique situation. The WWE has no issues with my podcast; my book is coming out in October, and they are going to help me promote my book, so it’s been very good so far. They were really close to Jan as well. Her wishes in the last days was to ‘go home’ and get my jersey back with my ‘old team.’ We got to do that, and I just wish she would have been there to see it, but it wasn’t meant to be I guess. I enjoy staying busy.”

On being willing to wait to sign with WWE until after his AXS TV deal expires but WWE wanting to sign him immediately: “I have a contract with AXS TV, and WWE wanted to re-sign me. I was more than willing to wait until my contract ended, they were not; they wanted me to sign, and I did, I am very happy with my deal.”

Check out the complete episode of The Sam Roberts Wrestling podcast featuring the Jim Ross interview at Stitcher.com.


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