To all of our US based readers, Happy Mother’s Day! Several WWE Superstars have taken to Twitter today to talk about their Moms and send them some love and praise.

John Cena wrote “some life changing moments for me, first time I picked up, first @WWE match, first @MakeAWish and THIS WEEKEND. @fit_ops Tears, smiles, honor, bravery, connection, and purpose among other things! Can’t have ‘life changers’ without LIFE. I love you Mom. .”

The Miz also had some kind words for his mom. “Happy Mother’s Day to the women who guide, push, support and love me for the man I am. There’s nothing better than seeing the love my wife and 2 grandmas give to my daughter. I love you. And to all the moms out there.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon also had some comments for his 98 year old mother. The Boss wrote “Happy Mother’s Day to my 98-year-old mom and to all the mothers in the world who have given the gift of life.”

You can check out a video WWE posted with several Superstars giving shoutouts:


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