Former WWE Champion and ‘Lunatic Fringe’ Jon Moxley recently spoke to TMZ Sports regarding his new lease of life now that he is out of WWE. Moxley recently appeared for New Japan Pro Wrestling and won their IWGP United States Championship from Juice Robinson. He is also (not officially) going to be part of the G1 Climax tournament this summer.

Moxley said to TMZ that “the last few weeks especially have been really great just being a professional wrestler again. Just got back from Japan, two successful shows over there for New Japan Pro Wrestling.”

Moxley elaborated further, saying that “I feel like I’m 18 again, right now. I’m just chopping at the bit to get in the ring again. … I’m like a little kid again. I’m so excited about the future, I could wrestle until I’m 100.”

The former Dean Ambrose also gave thanks to his fans throughout his career, including those who discovered him via WWE. “I got a lot of fans around the world, some of which have been with before WWE,” Moxley commented. “I got a lot of great fans that have stick with me through thick and thin, through everything. They’re still sticking with me and now they’re AEW fans, they might be WWE fans too, that’s cool. There’s enough room for everybody. Just a lot of gratitude to the whole universe.”

You can check out the full interview below

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription