Jon Moxley recently appeared on the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast and discussed tons from his run in WWE. One of the bigger talking points involved his WrestleMania 32 bout with Brock Lesnar.

“When I was talking about it, I wasn’t blaming Brock as much as Vince and everyone surrounding that situation. There was no effort put in the angle,” Moxley stated. “By the time we got into WrestleMania, the angle wasn’t hot anymore.”

Angle with Jericho?

Moxley elaborated further, saying that “I was supposed to work with [Chris] Jericho and Brock was supposed to work with Bray. Then me and Brock did the three-way match, some cool stuff, and there was like a vibe between us. I earned this match on my own merit. Me doing my thing my way made it to where people wanted to see this match. This is like my dream opponent. This is my life. The match happened because of what I’ve done. Now they’re booking it, it’s goofball city again.”

The Lead Up

“The weeks leading up, the angle was not good,” Moxley claimed. “Brock isn’t even there half the time. We don’t do anything interesting. The weeks before in Brooklyn, I carry a little red wagon to the ring and fill it with weapons. I go into Vince’s office. I’m mortified. I’m like, ‘This is so serious and you got me dragging a little red wagon. Make me understand.’ He’s like, ‘Oh, this is dead series to you. You’re going to drag that wagon out there. You’re not even going look at him. Going to drag the wagon out, put your weapons in, and say, I’ll see you at WrestleMania.’

Moxley finished by saying that “I couldn’t convince him otherwise. I tried to do it exactly as he saw it. It kind of got over to a degree. If anyone call pull a red wagon and make it look cool, it’s me,” Moxley said with gusto. “We had one scheduled WrestleMania rehearsal at like 11 p.m. Saturday night before the show at the stadium. He never came to the hotel. We ended up not even doing that. Day of the show, he gets there at like 3. He’s walking away, talking to other people, not really interested. He didn’t have the mentality to steal the show at all. We finally talked about the match while the second match was going on.”

*Credit to WrestlingINC for the transcription


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